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December 22, 2004

"Let thy will be done..."

Words to Ponder: "It takes discipline and training and a lot of heart to hear what really matters."
-Francis Kong

DECEMBER 1-It's my birthday!

December is one of my favorite months. Why? Not only that I celebrated my 17th birthday last December 1, God’s plans for me are starting to get clearer and clearer as the days pass by. Let me start by revealing to our readers what happen to me for the whole month.

As I’ve said, it was my birthday. I commemorated it only in the house. =( It was an unusual birthday compare to the other birthdays that I had. My dad’s gift was delayed. Well it was cash, how much?, secret... The problem was, he already send it two days before my birthday. More often than not, in the next 24 hours, the money should be here but in the contrary, 2 days had passed, there were no sign of the delivery man. Ah! My patience was really tested. My devotion was about what happened to Job. His faith was tested and yet he didn’t curse God. When I read this, I saw myself as Job. I said to myself that I will not murmur. My mom noticed that sad look on my face, and then out of the blue, she said “Don’t stop praying and don’t murmur. It will be here soon.” That simple advice made my heart and soul shivered. I said to myself, “O come on, stop worrying. God is just testing you. Be optimistic!” In a few hours, I heard a man knocking on the gate, it was the delivery man. I immediately thank God and asked for forgiveness to how I responded to His test. “Sorry Father!”

The first thing that I did to the money was to take 10% of it as tithes. I bought shirts, pants, etc. I also shared my blessings to my mom and sister. How thoughtful! I also expressed my gratitude to my dad. Thanks and love yah dad!!!

I bought a shoe... Nice!

DECEMEBER 3-5, Leadership Summit

I attended a seminar about leadership with kuya Ricky and other schoolmates, December 4, in the Victory Church Festival. Why 3 to 4? I slept in the house of kuya Ricky with kuya Dax (first night), and ate Val (second night). Going back about the leadership, it was entitled “Leadership Summit”. Personally, God spoke to me that day. “It’s time!” I learned a lot of things in this seminar and it helped me to see God’s plan. An old song was then stocked in my head. The lyric goes like this…

In the world full of broken dreams
where the truth is hard to find,
for every promise that is kept
there are many left behind

And though it seems like nobody cares
it still matters what you do
Cause there’s a difference you can make
But the choice is up to you

Will you be the one to answer to His call
And will you stand when those around you fall
Will you be the one
to take his life into a brighter world
Yes I’ll be the one,
Yes I’ll be the one,
I will be the one,
I will be the one!

Through this seminar, God’s calling for me to be a leader became more and more clear (Yes and Amen!). Being a leader is not a simple task. You need to have the passion to be able to surpass all the obstacles on the way. I also learned that we need to have visions in order to see You need to have a vision because it is written,

“Where there is no revelation,
the people cast off restraint…”

-Proverbs 29:18 (NIV)

The song says that God is looking for someone who will put into actions all his plans. Com’ on!!! Yes Lord I will be the one!!!

Victory Church, Alabang

A.P.C. delegates

DECEMBER 6-12, Level-up!!!

This week was so gloomy. All of a sudden I felt emptiness in my heart. Thanks to my ‘spiritual friends’, they helped me to analyzed what was that emptiness. One huge part of the ‘puzzle’ was revealed and that was to be more mature in the kingdom of God. I believe that God doesn’t want us to remain babies. He wants us to grow, to be mature in the way we think, we act, we respond to his word, everything.

Personally, God is preparing me in a higher level but I need to consider some things like what I’ve said, being mature. For example, who doesn’t know how to play super Mario? The first level is so easy because the obstacles are easy, right? But as you go on a higher level, the tests become harder. You won’t go on a certain level without any preparation. Let’s apply it. I believe that God will not give you a test which you cannot handle. You need to prepare yourself because you know that the path will be difficult. On the other side, it feels so wonderful because you know He entrusted you to a bigger and exciting project for his kingdom. If the reader will permit, as Victor Hugo would describe this feeling…

“Omnes gurgites tui et fluctus tui super me transierunt!”*


Here’s the scenario. I brought my dig. camera in the school. I went to the guidance office to spend my spare time. Ms. Jeana, one of the guidance councilors, was fixing Mafe’s hair and then she recall that I brought my dig. camera. At first, Mafe was a bit shy but when Es, but his real name is Estelito, came in and they started to act like a professional models.

A car driving fast in skyway... CooL!!!

nice facade... my school... Asia Pacific College...

waiting for my other classmates at 6th floor...

DECEMBER 17- Confirmation

Pstr. Jossie, one of the back-up singers, and I had a heart to heart conversation. We talked about the plans and goals for the worship ministry next year. I don’t know why, all of a sudden the subject of our talk was me. She started by saying...

“Paul, you have a worshipful heart. I can see you leading the congregation in praise and worship...”

I was speechless after she uttered those words. Before I went to sleep my prayer was…

“…Lord thy will be done on me.”


Blogger kerokero-ila said...

hi how will i start??? oh, b4 anything else i wanted to say thanks for allowing to be the first one to read your blog site(haha, in fairness it melted my heart...wwwwooooooohhhhhh!!!) anyweiz, let me get it straight!!! my reaction: "Praise God!"..that you are who you are right now, you're not only conscious about God but is conscious of your consciousness about God(gets?!)and that's a great achievement..=) just let your YES be YES and always be YEs no matter what ok... all you need is Love(with all your heart,mind,soul and strength) and a 100% trust in obeying or should i say in doing His will.."no questions ask ok" its nice to know that you are not only called but is chosen by God... im really really happy for you bestfriend.. just continue holding on to His promises, coz it is only Him who can crown ur every effort with success!! till here, ty again,tc always and God bless...miss ya so much=)

p.s. don't forget to thank God everyday for everything ok (coz all things work together for good to them that believe) and to give back all the Glory, honor and praises to our Bestfriend---->Jesus!!!!

9:52 PM  
Blogger dobermaxx said...

hay kuya paul.. grabe na-touched ako.. kasi hindi ako kasing bait tulad mo..

12:36 PM  
Blogger kerokero-ila said...

hay naku pic ko dyan...pkitanggal pde??? pumapanget lng site mo!!! cge ka bka po wla na mg-visit ng site mo... about dun sa cnabi mo kay regine., well kung mgagamit nga xa ni God... sana for God's glory alone!! hindi para sa kanya... and sana ung mga tao rin na malea2d nya if ever nagkaroon ng faith hndi dhil sa "idol nilang c Regine"(idolatry) kundi dahil sa Omnipotent and Omniscient God that we have, who made and will make all thigs happen according to His will and not ours!!! to God be the Glory.....
-i'm gonna praise your name-
gonna give him.....
gonna give him.....
gonna give him.....
gonna give him.....
------->the Glory!!!!!!<-------

p.s. ui vir send mo nmn sa email ko po ung mga pics na kuha sa church nmin and ung pic nrin ntin nla annie at cy.. ha pls... tinupad ko nmn po pwomis ko sau e.,ha!! cge po till here..God bless!!!!!!mwwwwaaaahhhhhhuuggggzzz!!!

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Paul,

I am amazed by your own site. Kaya pala pinipilit mo ko puntahan 'to ha, 'something that you are proud of. But it is indeed something to be proud of. You did a good job here.

Paul is one good guy who gets serious at work. When it's business he means business. Yet, he is prim and proper most of the time, even when everything turns zany at times, I guess that's his nature.

However he never forgets the childlike in him. I say childlike not childish ways, okay? We often laugh a lot when we are together at our "turf" office, of course, which i enjoy and value a great deal.

Paul, I hope we'll be friends forever, though I am a lot older than you. I value my friendship with you guys, I pray it stays... ... until we have "converted" the others..hehehehe, that word is a joke. But we will certainly win them in God's time, as they see us live Jesus in our lives, right?

Nice pics here, but it will certainly be nicer if my pics are posted...harharhar!!!

God bless you even more, buddy.

Anonymous Daw
Ms. Jeana :)

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute sya wala me masbi...

feel ko parang super peaceful ng site u...
wala talaga me masabi...

bazta very creative ng gumawa nito...

hope ma-feel nya tong comment koh...

3:27 PM  

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