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December 29, 2004

Back to normal

Words to Ponder: "The greatest freedom man has is the freedom to discipline himself."
~ Bernard M. Baruch

December 27, Monday, I was so bored. I was in the house the whole day! I decided to call my former classmates and I end up to Shiela. Before the conversation ended, we decided to meet yesterday. I’m going to watch their practice for the upcoming youth concert in February. So it happened. I woke up around 7:30 a.m. I brought my camera, cheesecake, which I baked, and my violin! On my way to Tondo, which is my first time there, I felt excited. Excited because we haven’t seen each other for 2 to 3 months! So finally we meet. We went straight to their church and when we arrived, they were not practicing yet. Shiela, on the piano, and I on my violin played one of our favorite songs “To the Ends of the Earth”. I missed those bonding moments! I also met Abi, one of my former classmates and spiritual friend. Wow! She’s now a singer. Go Abi! I didn’t stay there for too long ‘cause I have to meet ate Val.

Shiela, practicing her part... song leader... Nice!

This is Abi. The multi-talented friend of mine. She knows how to play guitar, piano, and drums! Naks naman!

My baby... Isn't she beautiful?

That's ate Val. We then ate in Yellow Cab with kuya Ricky and kuya Dax.

I'm planning to go visit my cousin because I'm starting to get bore again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oi.... gANdA nAmAn niTonG sitE nA to... hAhA,,, and gAling ng gumAwA hA!! hAhA.... :)) pauL... ang cute nAmAn nuNg gurL nA nAkapink... :)) hAhA.... uynG kAsAmA mo sA goLdilOckS,,,, hAhA>... at unG kAsAmA mo sA gLorieTtA,,, hAhA:))

8:49 PM  
Anonymous dodong flores said...

You have a nice musical instrument and a good circle of friends. Thanx for sharing...

3:14 AM  

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