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December 29, 2004

All Things are Possible!

Words to Ponder: "An individual is as superb as a nation when he has the qualities which make a nation superb."

~ Walt Whitman
I was supposed to post this last Sunday but I couldn’t think of any topics until yesterday I saw the photo of Ms. Regine Velasquez singing the song “Jesus, I adore you”. If you have watched her sang this song you can say that she’s really great but I don’t know why, I did feel the song. For the entire song, her eyes are closed. Obviously it was a Christian song. What amazed me is I had a dream. She was singing Christian song in a stadium with people singing and dancing for the Lord. My point is who knows maybe God will use her to save souls. All things are possible to God!!!

Ms. Regine Velasquez singing the song "Jesus, I adore You"


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