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January 02, 2005

So blessed, I can't contain it...

Words to Ponder: "Love is an activity, not a passive effect; it is a 'standing in', not a 'falling for'. Love is primarily giving, not receiving.

~ Erich Fromm

Just got home from church and I can’t wait to share these blessings. I’m really blessed and touched for what God is doing in my life and also in my surroundings!!! There are two major blessings which I received these first two days of the year.

First Blessing:

I was the one who led the praise and worship services this Sunday. Yup! I’m a worship leader! Even I, hitherto, can’t believe that I was the one who led the service. My uncle was also blessed when he heard the news and last night, direct from London, he called me up and express how he and my auntie are blessed. My auntie gave me some advice in leading the service because she was once a worship leader. The service went well (base from the feedbacks) and I’m so blessed when I found out that I encouraged the youth to serve God. Before I put myself in the spotlight, I said these to God, “Lord it is an honor to serve you and to usher the congregation into your kingdom! I’ll give my best for You!”

Preparing myself for the service at 6:00 A.M.

Second Blessing:

We celebrated our new year with our relatives on my mother side. I’m so blessed to have a family and relatives who really honor and faithfully serve God. Here’s the picture. I’m sure everyone was busy preparing foods, etc. before New Year’s Eve. Yup! Even I was busy. I helped my grandmother in preparing foods and then prepared the ‘dancing fire crackers’ a.k.a. ‘watusi’. That’s the only firecracker we had aside from ‘lusis’. Har! Har! Har! Going back, when the clock stroke 11:55, my auntie and my mom called us up in the living room and distributed the bibles. When it was 12, we opened the bible to Deuteronomy 28 and declared the word of God. After the word, I immediately played Hillsong music, specifically the song ‘One Day’. We then went to the vacant lot to watch my ‘watusi’ and also to eat.

Declaring the promise of God in Deuteronomy 28, 12:00 A.M.

My mom dancing with the tambourine in her hand after the declaration.

Jade (cousin) together with Gabriel (nephew) watching the 'watusi' I made...

Gertrude (cousin) celebrated her 14th birthday last Jan. 1! Happy Birthday El!!!

Thank You God!!!


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