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October 04, 2005

I'm sick! =(

Yup, you read it right. I'm sick! I have colds with fever. I don't think it's a nice way to start the month. I think I got it from my classmate and from the stress last week. We had a straight choir practice around 6 to 9 in the evening after our last class. Anyways, I just arrived from my great-grandma’s 85th birthday! Yup, you read it right again. My great-grandma is still alive and kickin’. We’re so blessed that God gave her long life. I mean in our generation the least age that you can attain is ‘round 50. You’re so blessed if you reach 60 to 70. My grandma is still alive. So I have my great-grandma, grandma, and my mom. Wow! By the way, I forgot to bring my camera because when I got home my mom told me that we’re going to our great-grandma’s house. I didn’t change my clothes and the funny thing was I forgot that it’s her birthday! So no pictures guys! Sorry! We ate, had a talk with my whole relatives, so it was kinda ‘reunion’, and lastly we prayed for our great-grandma.

Anyways, although I wasn’t feeling well, I still tried to go there. I hope this colds and fever will be gone on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I’m one of the emcees in the general assembly of rotary in our school and on Saturday, it’s the performance day for the choir. I need to have my normal voice back or else I don’t know what will happen to those events. To God be ALL the glory!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick?! pagaling ka ha!!! tAke cAre... God bLess!!

_kath_spot_ :-)

4:01 PM  
Blogger Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...


I hope by now you are feeling better. How did the emcee thing go?

Hey, I just saw something that was quite interesting.... I noticed that Joel Comiskey's website shows that he has speaking engagements in your area in November. Here's what his website says...

November 12-17: Manilla, Philippines. Cell seminars in various locations. Contact person: Alex Pacis at

I wonder if your church being a cell church and all will be attending one of the seminars where Joel is speaking... Either way, if you were able to see Joel Speak yourself, I'm certain you would be blessed and even more passionate about cell ministry. Joel has written many books on cells and speaks around the world talking about cells.

He was in Columbus Ohio, about two hours from my home not too long ago and I only found out about it a day or so before he was here. Bummer.

You can see his website at or his ministry site at

I just thought I'd share the info with you. :)

Hope your feeling better!

In Christ,

7:20 PM  

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