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December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me And To My Blog

To all the people who know me, thank you! Thank you for helping me color up my life for the past eighteen years. The past year was kinda ‘tough’ for me but with your simple encouragement it just makes me go on and continue my journey. I really appreciate it! To all the readers of my blog, thank you! Thank you for still reading my blog. I hope I can still inspire you guys in some ways. THANK YOU!


Blogger M I C H E L L E said...

Happy Birthday Paul! May God bless you always and make you a blessing to others as well. Stay cool :)

3:30 AM  
Blogger Iskoo said...

Happy birthday to you. May all your dreams come to pass according to His will.

More birthdays to come! and more blogging years ahead...

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Ferdz said...

Wow! Happy birthday! Best wishes and keep on blogging!

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I miss you… tagal na nating d nagkita ha, wala ring usap… well, it’s all my fault… I’m happy that you are my best friend. You’re intelligent, kind, God-fearing and of course….. handsome… tama bay un? May God bless you more in your studies and God will provide everything that you need. Just hold onto Him. Hope to see you soon… Take care always….


2:41 PM  
Blogger puklo said...

happy birthday!

may you have more birthdays to come.. and a good health..

best of luck!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

Happy Birthday. Sana matupad ang mga pangarap mo sa buhay...

12:38 PM  
Anonymous gbert said...

eighteen ka lang din pala? ako din eh... hahaha nway, belated happy birthday, more posts to come and God bless... :)

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Ang-ang said...

Happy Bday Paul and to your blog!

More bdays to come.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

belated happy happy birthday Paul... Ako din.. belated saken... wish ko para sa iyo... wala na akong maisip eh.. lahat nasa iyo na.. LOVELIFE... well... mahala ka nun.. maghintay ka lang.. ayon sa hula.. heheheeh... thank you so much sa mga tulong mo saken.. sa mga advices mo... thanks talaga.. laki din naitulong mo saken eh.. sana di ka magbago at makayanan mo pa yung ugali ko.. hehehehe... MORE POWER sa iyo... GOD BLESS YOU!!

5:26 PM  
Blogger PrincessFiona said...

belated happy bday! hmmm pansin ko lang iisa position mo dito at sa profile pic mo... favorite angle mo yan. :-) hehe God Bless!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Lazarus said...

belated happy birthday! May God continue to shower you with more blessings and years to come.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Jaypee said...

ei, belated Happy Birthday to you and your blog. sorry kung ngayon na lang ulit ako nakadalaw dito. last time kasi, hindi ko ma-open tong url mo. so i thought offline na sya. anyways, it's good to see that it's back in business. have a nice day & God bless! :)

3:08 PM  

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