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June 28, 2005

P.E. = Bowling = FUN!

At last we started our first bowling class. You can actually choose in ice skating or bowling class and I choose bowling. I had so much fun and guess what I made a strike! I’m so happy that day my mom noticed it. She told me that I got it from my dad. My dad is really good in that field. Bowling is now a part of my favorite sports. I can for our next bowling class. =)

One of the basic positions in bowling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aNg sAyA nMan ng PE nio... boWLing,,, hEhE:))

enjOy mo Lng,
lAST pe MU Na yAn di bA??



1:12 PM  
Blogger Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

Hey Paul. I enjoy bowling as well, but I'm not very good at it so I don't go often.

I forgot to mention that I LOVE the picture of your steps at your school. That looked awesome. These pictures are nice as well.

Let us know if you get to where you can bowl a 300 game :)

4:30 PM  

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