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May 09, 2005

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!!

My 2nd bleaching.

I had my brace last Thursday and it was painful. The ‘operation’ lasted for about one and a half hour. The painful part would have to be the insertion of the molar band and my agony doesn’t stop there. For the next two days, I only ate pancakes, bread, and other soft foods. On the other hand, it’s tolerable. You just have to get use to it.


Blogger Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...


I was beginning to wonder where this next post would be made and then when I saw it today, I remembered you said that you were getting your braces.

I'm glad you made it through it okay! I'm glad you emailed me back to the other day. I've told many of my friends that I've met another Christian who's in a cell church from the Philipines and that we are talking via email and checking out each other's blogs.

Keep up the great blogging. I love how you incorporate photos into your posts! Pretty cool stuff.

In Christ,

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi... that's nice... it's true sobrang sakit niya pero it's tolerable naman... papayat ka niyan!


11:27 AM  
Anonymous D. Pach said...


Thanks for checking out my site. Cliff has recruited me into his blogging force and now here I am. I'm curious, who took this picture? Your dentist?

11:51 AM  

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