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February 13, 2005

Singleness is a blessing

Josh, my former classmate, and I had a great conversation. It’s about LOVE. He asked me if I have someone special this coming Valentine’s day. I said, “Yes, my mom and my sister. But if your talking about ‘someone special’… none! For me, it’s the FIRST and LAST.” Then he asked me to continue…

One thing I’m thankful about is that, at the early stage, I already made a vow between God and I that I will wait for that ‘special someone’. She will be the first and the last. Now, some of you would say, “Ay ang corny!”, “Walang thrill.”, “Magsawa ka na hanggat maaga pa kasi hindi mo na ‘yan magagawa pag tumanda ka na!” And even someone asked me, “Paul pa’no kayo magtatagal eh hindi mo nga siya ganun kakilala? Siguradong hindi kayo magtatagal!” Well, it is so simple! God always gives us the best. Let say I am a father and I have a son. My son wants to receive a gift. Of course, as a father I want him to receive the best gift. Can you see now the logic? It is the same as having that ‘special someone’ to be the first and last girl in your life. If you’re thinking, “Mag-aaway kaya kayo?” Problem is design to strengthen the relationship of the couples or lovers, not to destroy both of you.

Personally, I already prayed for my future wife but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have ‘crushes’. My ideal girl must have these qualities: sings well, makes me laugh, and must be Born Again Christian. But what makes me turn-on is that if the girl is ‘BANLAG’. She’s somewhere out there! Waiting for me… Har! har! har!

Ms. Regine Velasquez

Marielle of Extra Challenge

Then Josh asked me, “So who is that ‘special someone’? And how will you know that she is the ONE?”

Pray. Just asked God to reveal the right partner for you. Now if you’re already at the pinnacle of finding that ‘special someone’, maybe God is calling you to be a full time servant. Now don’t give up. Keep in mind that ‘Singleness is a blessing!’ You are blessed!!

Select, Magallanes


Blogger Daxi said...

Ei bro, di pa tapos yung concert. This coming friday, 18 pa. Sana makapunta ka. more of God's Blessings bro! :)

1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice p0int of view..! y0u reaLLy have a great FAITH! i believe that God wiLL never faiL y0u in giving y0u the BEST girL! weLL, God bLess you always!!!

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! you made me happy this valentine kahit wala akong 'special someone'... i'm sure sobrang blessed yung future wife mo...

if only i could erase my past relationships... ganda nung first and last... nice entry there... God bless and i hope you can find that 'special someone'... God bless paul!


7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm,,,,... sA tOtOo LanG ang gAnDA ng Site nA to.. hEhE... kapAg nag iintErnEt Ako.. hnDe ko kinAkALimutAng bukSAn toNg sitE nA to kC mAy SenSe ung mgA nAkALAgAy... gAyA nA Lng to... cmuLa ngA ng mAbAsA ko to pArAng ayoko ng mAgHanAp ng boylEts eh,,, hEhE... ibibigAy tLgA ni God ung d bEst pArA sA ATin... hEhE ..... niCe onE duDe.. gALinG mo... dAmi ko tLgAng nApupulot nA lEsson sAyo...


10:14 PM  

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