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January 22, 2005

My Zoo Volunteers

Words to Ponder: "The best mirror is a friend's eye."
~ Gaelic Proverb

As far as I know, it is our last month here in ‘Parks and Wildlife’ so I want to cherish and share all the memories we had and will be having. This morning, our job was to put a twig or branch in the cage of the cockatoos.

Ms. Kitty, head of the volunteers, trying to explain what we will be doing.


Some of the beautiful sceneries…

Getting down to business...

"Babae sa likod ng rehas"

starring Jinet Enriquez

Face to face with a serpent eagle

Guess the missing word?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lagot u ke Ms. Kitty pagnkita nya pic nya...
the missing word is....."CLEAN", ryt?

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is your park keep it CLEAN...
Hehehe...syempre alam ko yan dahil I'm one of the volunteers..

9:36 AM  

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