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April 21, 2005

Last Wish

My 90 years old great-grandma

Last Thursday, my grandmother on my father side called us. She said that our great-grandmother is already weak and one of her last wishes is to see all her grandchildren. Friday night, my mother and I went to our grandma in Novaliches to fetch them. My sister cannot make it because she’s in duty that time. Around 12:30, we leaved Manila going to San Carlos, Pangasinan. We arrived there around 6:30, Saturday morning. The trip was a bit stressful. I saw Bai Duray, my great grandma, and gave her a hug. The following scenes are too emotional. My dad cried on the phone when he talked to Bai. We then leave around 4:00 in Saturday afternoon.

Looking for nice view

ruined chapel



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