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October 16, 2005

It's good to be back

I’m back and I’m back for good. All the readers out there might be wondering “where’s Paul and his new entry?!”. Well, wait no more. Let me first explain why it took me a long time to make new post here in my blog. The hard disk of my computer crushed down. Meaning, for some unexplainable reasons it stopped working as a normal computers do. I had a very hard time to solve this problem good thing I know some people who help me out. The disk had a problem last Wednesday. They said that I need to do some reformatting and that I need to back-up my files. Sounds easy? I don’t think so. To make the long story short, I bought a new hard disk last Friday (hooray!) and man, I still have problems. I need to install all the software I have. Let me thank this opportunity to thank the ‘men behind the success’ regarding with my computer. None other that Michael and Roland! Thanks guys! I really appreciate your effort.

Blog Update: The general assembly of Rotary in our school was a success! Although I declined the offer to host that event, I enjoy taking pictures of what’s happening. The next day, we sang (APC-choir) sang in the graduation. The experience is incomparable. I’m so blessed for what happened. For all the readers, I promise that I will blog more. See you then! I have to finish installing this software! God bless!

Asia Pacific College - Choir


The Great Tenors




Blogger Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

Glad to see you back! I hate it when the computers don't do what they are supposed to do.

I've learned a long time ago, not to trust any important data on just one computer. I keep a thumb drive (small usb hard drive) on my keychain. Just about each day, I use Microsoft Briefcase to back up all my iporatant data files.

Reinstalling programs is not too much work. It's a pain, but not too dificult. I actually will sometimes crate a text file in my documents to list all the programs I use daily so that if I have to ever reinstall, I can use it as a checklist.

As for all my "large" data such as my photos and my music and video files, I will typically back those up by burning them to cd's every now and then. If something happens to my hard drive, I only loose what I had added since the last backup...

That reminds me, I should do another one of those soon.

We'll see.

I hope you get everything all worked out.

2:25 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

6:41 AM  

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