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October 31, 2005

True Friendship

Two entries in a row! That’s right. Since we have 3 days of ‘vacation’, I just want to update my blog. Going back to my real purpose, I read something that speaks about friendship. He/She might be smiling right now while reading this. Well, I just to share my perspective about friendship. Friendship is very essential in our lives. They come and go. Friendship for me is a totally different thing. There’s a ‘shallow’ friendship and a ‘deep’ friendship. I can definitely say that most of the friends I have right now is on the ‘shallow’ friendship level. They’re those who see me once in a while. Good example would have to be my classmates in college. College life is totally a different thing compare to high-school. Almost every term you get a chance to meet new set of classmates but none of them tries to know each other in a deeper way. See the picture?

When I say ‘deep’ friendship, I really mean D-E-E-P friendship. You need pride, time, and rapport in order to have ‘deep’ friendship. Why did I say pride? I think the first step in building a friendship is to lower down our pride. We opt not know someone simply because we don’t like him/her. We have to at least know that person before judging him/her. It’s not about shyness that keeps us a part from them; it’s our pride that hinders us from building friendship to them. Next is time. Of course you need certain time to build a friendship but if you want deeper friendship, you need L-O-N-G-E-R time for it. In that way, you get to know him/her better. Lastly is rapport. This is very essential because you cannot enjoy spending your time with him/her without rapport. I’m saying these things maybe because I value ‘friendship’ so much or I’m too choosy when it comes to these things. The Bible even says that we have to be aware in choosing our friends. It’s either they will affect you or you will affect them. Friendship is a precious gift that must be cherished and nurtured. Given proper care, it can outlast a lifetime.


Blogger mx~ike said...

how true! how true!

6:34 PM  
Blogger Cliff J. Ravenscraft said...

One thing is for certain, we were created with a desire to live in relationship (community) with others.

Not just the surface type of friendships that you mentioned, but the "DEEP" ones that you said you value so highly.

One thing I have learned about deep relationships are that they require a great deal of sacrfice. You must not only put your pride away, but you must learn to consider others before yourself.

Yes, the Bible says that we must watchful of how our relationships impact our relationsihp with Christ. However, too many Christians have taken this to mean that we should cut outselves off from our non-Christian friends and primarily surround ourselves with others who share our values.

I would say that surrounding ourselves with those who share our values is ESSENTIAL.. But doing so is WORTHLESS if we are not CONSISTANTLY establishing new relationships with non-Christian where we can be a postive influence in their lives for Christ.

Paul, this is not preaching against anything you were saying, I'm just adding to your discussion on friendships.

I don't know where I would be if it were not for the strong, deep, tranparent relationships that I share with about 10 peole I consider among my deepest and dearest friends.

In Christ,

9:43 PM  
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