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December 27, 2005

World Pyro Olympics

Well New Year is fast approaching so the best thing to do is to watch fireworks competition! My aunt got a V.I.P. pass to “World Pyro Olympics”. Ten countries joined this competition and the show started last night. This is a 5 days competition and each night 2 countries will be presenting their fireworks. The first two countries were Australia and China. So we were excited to go there but unfortunately, approximately 3 km from the venue, we were stuck in a heavy traffic! We didn’t expect that a lot of people will be watching that kind of show. Cars were parked on the main street! As in literally parked on the street! We didn’t get to the V.I.P. section because we were late! While the car was slowly approaching to the main venue we heard that the China will be performing next! “What?! We missed Australia?!” Yup, we did =( After two minutes, fireworks started to light the sky! The show was getting started! We had no choice but to leave the car and walk. We immediately find a good site and there we watched the whole show. Too bad we didn’t get to the main venue but we had a great time watching all those different fireworks. Anyways, Phillipines will be performing on Friday. It will be fun! Advance happy New Year to everyone!



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