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November 26, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

So this is what I’ve been up to for the whole month. For benefit of the readers I will explain the whole thing. We have a subject called ‘Applied Project’. It’s a subject wherein you have to choose a charitable institution and then you have to make an event from the chosen charity. We’ve chosen the children of East Avenue Medical Center who have cancer. Yeah you read it right, children who have cancer. So we already have subject, what we need is the event. Our plan A is we’re going to bring those cancer patients to ABS-CBN channel 2, one of the well-known Filipino channels not only in the Philippines but also in whole world. We’re going to watch a noontime show entitled Wowowee! Isn’t that great! Everything was then settled, the BIG challenge here is we have to raise fund through solicitation, selling of newspapers, etc. But there’s a ‘golden rule’, no members is allowed to contribute his money. The fund should be raise with all our strengths and unity.

Selling newspapers

Finally, the moment we’ve been all waiting for. November 24, 2005 was our day. It’s time to implement our project! Everything went well and I really, really, really thank God for that. I would like to take this chance to take the following:

East Avenue Medical Center for the cancer patients
ABS-CBN channel 2
Ms. Angela Bolivar
Mr. Aaron Domingo
Ms. Elsa Bojar

And to all the people who made this ‘impossible’ project possible! Deepest thank you to all!

ABS-CBN, ka-pamilya!

Together with the cancer patients

Touring inside ABS-CBN

Getting ready for the show

Eating time


It's show time

The host, Mr. Willie

“You’re welcome! I hope that you guys had a great time last night. May you continue to touch lives of our less fortunate brothers. You’re an angel!” ~ Mr. Aaron Domingo, ABS-CBN Supervisor of Studio Tours.

My groupmates, the cancer children patients together with their guardians


Anonymous pamcute said...

hehe and cute ko talagah......

1:22 PM  
Anonymous joAnganda :) said...

Ass-Tig! hiRap tlGa ng proJect natEn but caUse oF the help of our Lord(?)and those kind-hearted people as well as our willingness n rin(".), we made things possible ! hehe neweiz.. ganda ko dba!?!


1:31 PM  

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