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November 10, 2005

I Can't Wait!

Hi! I’m back! Wow, we’re already in the month of November and the spirit of Christmas is fast approaching. Can you feel the spirit of Christmas? I can definitely say I can feel it. December is my favorite month. Why? Duh… ‘Cause I will be turning 18 on the first day of December. Yup! My birthday will be on December one. I’m quite excited! Aside from me celebrating my birthday, there’s ‘someTHING’ (not someONE!) that will be turning one year old on December. It’s my blog! I’m so glad that it’s still alive and I’m looking forward to spend years and years to with my blog.

On the other hand, I already told my mom and dad about the gift that I want for my birthday. For now, I won’t be telling you guys about that ‘gift’ but I MAY give some clues about it in my succeeding entries so you better look out for it! God bless!


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