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January 11, 2006

Back To School

It’s now our 3rd day in school so that means last Monday was our first day for our 3rd term. Yeah, we were all excited to see each other. Some became chubby, some became more beautiful, and some were same as before. Anyways, this is the 3rd term of our sophomore year and according from the higher batch, who are in the same course as mine, this is where you will see how competent you are in the field you chose. We met the ‘terror professor’ the higher batch was talking about. He may look ‘terror’ for some but when he introduced himself, we had the chance to know him a bit. I’m not scared at all as to what the higher batch had told me. Honestly, I’m kinda excited and challenge for this particular subject. By the way the subject I’m talking about is about Introduction to Analysis and Design. This subject will manifest for the whole year so better to choose good group mates (lol!)

Anyways, I’m back to school again and at some points I’m kinda confident that I will pass all the subjects. Again, I will hear those church bells telling us that it’s already noontime. I will see again all those very nice guards in our school. New beginning, new start, so better to begin this term with guidance of Him.

Too early for the first subject

Killin' time in the library


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...nAkZ... cOnfident!! buti ka pa may ganun... nAbibili bA un?? hEhE:-)


4:22 PM  

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