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January 13, 2006

North Meets South

Last night was an awesome night. We were the first organization in our school, Rotary of Makati – Asia Pacific College, who had an activity for this term. That activity that I’m talking about was there were 25 youth delegates from Korea who will have spend their vacation here in Philippines. We prepared a small dinner for them and had some fun games. I got the chance to meet new friends especially Koreans! Isn’t it great?! They also taught some Korean words but it’s hard to memorize and pronounce them so don’t ask me. So we had fun with their company and I think they also had fun sharing their time with us. They will be going back to Korea on the 23rd of January. I dunno if I can see all of them again but I’m looking forward to see them again.

Dinner Time! :)

Their Team Captain dancing "Pinoy Ako".

Kalamansi Relay

Say "Kimchi!" Seung Mi


Blogger jacquey said...

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12:49 PM  
Blogger jacquey said...

i've been waiting for this...hehehe :)
i know how excited you were to have this entry..well, it was really a great night to all of the rotaractors....hope those Koreans will come back here... :)

good luck Rotaract.APC. &
good luck to your blog Paul..

12:51 PM  
Blogger eeggee said...

Wow, kainggit naman, siguro mag-eenjoy ako kung nandun din ako. Annyong haseyo Paul!

12:58 AM  

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