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June 22, 2006


Been very busy for this past weeks and I even had no time to check my friendster’s account! Anyways, I’ll update my blog again on my vacant time! God bless!

Model 101

Can you still remember the entry I made about photography? When my professor found out that I was into photography and gave me a photography book? Well, you see I haven’t given him my ‘homework’ photos. The photos that I showed him was all about sceneries so he challenged me. Why don’t I take photos of a human? I said yes!

So it has been three months since I accepted his challenge and yesterday I saw him. I just greeted him and he smiled back. I can feel that he’s still waiting for my ‘homework’ photos. Men, it’s quite hard to capture someone’s feelings and put it in a photo. I’m working on that homework but it will take me some time to have good photos. Would you like to be my model?! *lol

My Best friend’s Debut

For all those who frequently asked me, “Paul na-post mo na ba?” Here you guys. It was my best friend’s debut party last Saturday. It was held in Aberdeen Court in Q.C. Kei (my former classmate) and I opened the program. We sang “The Prayer” by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. I also participated in 18 treasures and 18 roses. We had so much fun!

Can’t post all those pictures but I promise to give you guys a copy of my photos in my cam. God bless!


Blogger cruise said...

galing mo na kumuha ng portraits. ikaw din naman pwede mag model...

2:31 PM  

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