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April 17, 2006

Accounting Nightmare! Who Wants an R?!

“Debit here, credit there, and balance this one!” Wah! I don’t wanna prolong this agony! I’ve been thinking of this thing since last week and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of this accounting nightmare. Here’s the scenario. This term our block took up accountancy. Yah, I know it’s just simple debit and credit but the problem here is our professor! She’s a cpa graduate and it’s her first to teach in our school. Isn’t that great?! The first 2 weeks of our class with her was fun but the succeeding classes were nightmare!

Here’s my side. Yah I know that she wants us to learn the basics about accountancy but the thing here is she’s inconsiderate. What do I mean by inconsiderate? Inconsiderate in a way she wants us to prepare a balance sheet, income statement, statements of owner’s equity, and all those other statements in just 15 minutes! What the?! Now, is accountancy our major subject?! NO! One more thing. My group mates and I went to Naic Cavite ng wala plano just to finish that accounting project. Do you know where Naic Cavite is? Before I don’t know but now I know.

April 19, 2006 – Wednesday will be the day that we’re going to know the final verdict. If we’re going to pass accountancy (how I badly wish! *crossed fingers) or (*oohh I don’t wanna see this in my class card) get an R for repeat. Please no R! I never had an R in my entire school life so please no R. I’d be so so so so happy if I’ll see 1.0 in my class card. We’ll see. Wednesday – April 19, 2006 at exactly 9:00 in the morning. God bless!

Like the numbers... The prof.? Next please... *lol

My messy table *lol


Anonymous richard said...

nIGTMARE NGA YAN BRO!!!haha1 pag gabi... :-) loko lang... Terror pala yang teacher mo1 gUsto mo, upakan natin? heheh. joke...joke...joke... bad! tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. Grabe, adjustment mo bro, ano? Ang hirap nyan.. I wish you LUCK! GOOD LUCK! Ako nga, i hate NUMBERS! Kaya nga Physics ko this sem- 81% lang [the reason kung bakit ako natanggal sa dean's list] Bad! :-( Tulad ng titser mo, ganun rin titser ko sa physics! ang tamad! oo! kami pa ang pinapagawa ng question! kaya wala akong gana sa klase niya.. la rin naman akong matutunan.. Even my classmates admitted na di siya magaling! bad teacher,,.... ENough! Im making myself VERY BAD... Sorry... Dala lang ng emotion... I hate her [inaadmit ko].. sana magbago siya for the sake of studentry.. Thats my wish... I know naman talaga na malaki yung grades ko, and the question still lies, bakit ganun lang grade ko? la rin niya binigay ang classcard... Huwag ka magcomment tungkol dito sa blog ko bro.. Baka mabasa.. Lagot ako...

Link me up bro!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's the news bro?! did you pass your acounting subject?!!!

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hakhak.. san po skul mu?

12:20 AM  

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