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April 09, 2006

We got 4.0! Yehey!

So here’s what we’ve been up to for almost three weeks. For three weeks, as in 3 long, straight, and tiring weeks, we had been doing this project. I missed my bed. I missed my pillows. I missed my room. I missed my home. Well we did our project in my classmate’s house. That’s in Paranaque. So I go home every Saturday night just to get a set of clothes that will fit me for one week! On Sundays, I went to church with my family and after church I hung out with my friends just to release me from stress. I hate Sunday nights! That’s when I go again to my classmate’s house with all those heavy bags. Hate it! Anyways, finally it has come to an end. Our defense was scheduled last Thursday, April 6 in our client’s side, Court of Appeals in Padre Faura. We were all nervous ‘cause we heard that some of our batch mates we’ll have a re-defense on summer because they failed the defense.

And guess what?! God is so good! Our professor was impressed and when the defense was over we asked him what his verdict is. And he said with or without the paper works we will still get 4.0! Wow! All those hard work paid off. Those sleepless nights were worth it. Thank you God! Time to celebrate! God bless!

Court of Appeals in Padre Faura

Doing our presentation in front of almost 15 panelists.

On the left side is our prof., Mr. Edmund Casino, defending us to our clients.

Having lunch with Sir Toti. (lol!) I guess pink is my lucky color!


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