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April 02, 2006

Congratulations to All the Graduates of 2006!

Yesterday was my sister’s big day. After 4 long years, she finally graduated with a degree in nursing. I’m so happy and proud of my sister. When my former classmates, who are taking up nursing in Manila Doctors College, knew that she was about to graduate, they were so envious they wish they were also one of the graduating students. Is it that hard in nursing? Maybe yes because I often see my sister here in our house. When I’m in school she’s either studying here at home or sleeping. When I’m in home, she’s on duty in the hospital. Yeah, probably my former classmates were right that nursing is a tough course. That makes me even more proud of my sister. Of course, aside from me who else can me exceed my joy for my sister? My parents! Yup, that day was the one of their fulfilling days. Just sitting there and watch their daughter go up the stage and get her diploma was breathtaking and precious moment. In behalf of my sister I wanna thank you mom and dad for being supportive to us. And to all the graduates of 2006, congratulations!!! God bless!

Shot using my pda

Shot using my digi cam

B.S. in Nursing

Tears of joy

Bird's Eye View of Manila Doctors College

Fountain of Wisdom


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congratulations to your sister!

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