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April 12, 2006

Pre Summah Vacation

It’s already 12:10 in the morning and I’m still up. Finally I’m done with our project. Yup, we still have class but that’s ok. In spite of all the pressures I still make sure that there’s always a time to relak (relax). Aside from going to spa, one way to get away from all the pressures is to go out with your friends. And that’s what I did. My former classmates and I ate dinner, watched movie, and talked all day. You should try it. It’s very effective. Anyways, we went to Gateway and watched Moments of Love. We we’re not suppose to watch that movie but one of kasama said that they are required to watch that movie. What else can we do but to watch it too. The first part was so dull that I took a nap. I kinda like the last part because it’s somehow funny for us. You should watch that movie. It’s alright for me. After watching that movie, we had dinner in Super Bowl. Their chicken was great. We talked there all night we didn’t notice it was already late. I arrived home around 11:30. There’s no problem going home that late because that night I was the only one in our house. They are all enjoying their vacation! Anyways, just a bit more and I’ll be having my vacation too! (lol) God bless!

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