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April 15, 2006

My First and Last Vow

Now this is what boredom can do. Two entries in a row! *lol Anyways, I’m home alone again and I dunno what else I can do inside our house. The near malls are close. I’m not close to our neighbors. My cousins, tito’s, and tita’s are not in their homes. Whose house can I go to? No one! Hhhmmm…

Now to ease my boredom let me share you this very important thing to me. I’ve always wanted to make a write up about this ‘thing’ but I’m always busy. Anyways, all the people I often meet frequently asks this specific question. “Oh paul so do you have a girlfriend right now? How many girlfriends did have?” The answer is so simple.

I never had girlfriend since birth. The succeeding most frequent question is this, “Why? Are you gay?” What the !@#*. Of course not! This is what I usually answer. “Kasi I have this vow between God and I. The vow that I’m taking about is whoever will be my first girlfriend will be the girl I’ll bring in front of the altar.”

“How sweet… But isn’t that too impossible to happen? At how can you assure that the first girlfriend you’ll have will be the last? Mukhang malabo ata yang sinasabi mo”

Ako: “Nope. It’s possible. How? As early as now I’m praying that God will reveal to me whoever that girl is. Now, if you’re saying na impossible yun, may binibigay ba sa atin si God na hindi best para sa atin. Want some proof? The best example for this is my tito. He was married two years ago. He never had girlfriend until God revealed to him that girl who eventually became my tita. You just need to pray hard and believe that someday God will reveal to you your future wife or husband.”

After sharing my thoughts they were saying “Swerte naman ng mapapangasawa mo.” I said, “Both of us will be blessed when we meet each other”.

Another reason (my practical side) why up to now I don’t have a girlfriend is because my standards and perception when having a girlfriend are high. First, I want to have my own car when I have a girlfriend. I don’t to borrow my parent’s cars just to make hatid to my girlfriend. Second, if my girlfriend and I will go out I want to spend my own money. Still, I don’t want to get money from my parents just to treat my girlfriend. Lastly, as much as possible if I’m going to have a girlfriend right now, I’ll make sure I have my own house or condominium unit. You may say that I’m exaggerating things but that’s my standards. In short, when I meet my future wife I’m already independent.

Here's want I want my wedding should look like. I scanned it so I can share it to you guys. That�s from the bird�s eye view. Only my future wife and I can walk to the other half of the aisle.


Anonymous richard said...

Wow! Nice... Ang galing mo bro. Ur d man! *lol... Ako, nakadalawang gf ako and I just broke up recently.. Ewan.. I believe na meron talagang miss right na inilaan yung God sa'kin. Tulad mo, ganun rin ako nun... Prinsipyo ko yung ayoko makipag-gf. Gusto ko yung pinakauna yun rin yung mapapangasawa ko. Pero umiba yata ang ihip ng hangin. Siguro dahil na rin sa kantsyawan ng mga kabarkada,natukso akong manligaw. Hanggang sa naisip ko na kinakailangan "pause a while and think the consequences". Aral na rin yun siguro.. Ang labo.. Di naman talaga sukatan sa isang pagiging tunay na lalaki ang kung may gf ka o wala. :-) Dani ko pa sanang sasabihin pero kulang sa oras. Hanggang sa muli. *Pasensya nga pala kung tinawag kitang kuya. Sabagay okay naman kasi your 1 year older than me.. :-) Siguro BRO na lang.. GOD BLESS!!!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe ginawan mo na rin ng entry. God bless

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

c paUL tlga!! hihihi:))

sabi nia mag comment ako...

dahil ang ganda ng entry mo,, may comment ka!!


~That�s from the bird�s eye view~

tama naman ako di ba?!! kapag sa taas galing ung shot "bird's eye view" kapag sa baba "worm's eye view di ba? hAhAhA=)) am i ryt?! or left??... hAhA:))
corny ko tlga!!


ang cute tlga ng entry mo!!

ang sweet!!

kung cno man cia.. ang swerte swerte nia!!! hihihihi...

o wait lng may line ako...

_..~* "trust dat in His perfect timing, He'll show u d one" *..~_

..naman... gumagwapo ngaun c paul.. pansin nio?! hEhE:-) nakz!! yan ung gumagwapo kong friend...

_..~* kathee_spot *~.._

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ganda ng drawing ha...


9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ya paul..
can relate ako.. ( hello!! xmpre we have the same prception about that thing).. i also want my first to be my last.. some say.. it's impossible.. but hey!! with GOD, nothing's impossible..

why settle for less.. if you can have GOD's best!!! aight!!
God bless!!!


10:39 PM  

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