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April 26, 2006

Three Reasons in Watching PBB Teen Edition

I was a fan of PBB first edition ‘cause at that time everybody has no idea what was PBB all about. Then came PBB Celeb. edition. For me that was kinda ‘corny’ so I didn’t watched that season. Now we have Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Sounds interesting right? Hhhmmm…

My three reasons why it is a MUST to watch PBB Teen Edition:

First Reason: Mariel Rodriguez is now the main host of PBB. Wah! She’s so witty and pretty! I like her! *lol

Second Reason: Sunday night (the launch of PBB Teen Edition) I was kinda switching channels from ABS to HBO (‘cause I was watching CONSTANTINE!). So I got a glimpse on each teen housemates and I switch back to HBO. But this housemate really caught my attention. When I saw her vtr, I forgot that I was watching Constantine. Man! She’s so pretty! Wanna know who she is? Her name is Kim. The chinita girl from Davao or Cebu. I like her too! *lol

Third Reason: This may sound ‘corny’ but at some points we can get lessons from this show.

In front of Big Brother's House.
Medyo thin pa ako 'cause this photo was taken last year pa. *lol

Gggrrr!!! I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s episode! I was at my gimmik. Gggrrr!


Anonymous RICHARD said...

YO BRO!!!!! May similarities pala tayo.. heheh.. I like KIM too. She's from Cebu NOT-dAVAO. Eversince, lahat ng mga girlfriends ko, may similarities sa kanya. Yung tipong tsinita, di-mataba, good-looking at mukhanG mabait.
Nga pala, TaLO KA! Kasi nakapunta na ako ng Luzon [Tagaytay, Laguna, Bulacan, Manila..Luzon]. Hahaha! yAbang! Kaw di ka pa nakapunta ng Mindanao. Hehehe. Peace!
Yung ayoko naman sa entry mo ay si Mariel- She's pretty. Crush ko rin siya. Okay din. But I really like TONI!!! Where are you TONI!!!!

5:24 PM  
Anonymous fretnot said...

You said:"gusto ko sana mag share kaso i think masyadong 'bulgar' naman if i'm going to share it dito.."
Me:share naman dyan bro.. heheh. E-mail mo na lang ako o kaya itxt. Nasa blog naman yung number ko. Pero siuruhin mo lang na the time na magtext ka e may load ako.. Wahahaha!

Yup! di bagay sina Mikee and Kim kc kami ang bagay ni Kim. Pareho kaming Bisaya at may halong Chinese! Walang kokontra. heheh

Oo nga! I swear. Lahat ng mga naging gf ko.. Ganun anun ang personality tulad ni Kim- in and out at may pagkakalog. Kasi tulad ko. :-)

Nga pala, nakalagay na sa blog ko picture mo ah. Yung sa harap ng bahay ni kuya?!

K. Sa monday baka makapost ako ulit kasi may meeting ako that day with our group report. Kahit na HOLIDAY/ [YAHOO!!!!!].. Hehehe.. Ano kaya ipost ko??

5:10 PM  
Anonymous richard said...

hey bro!!! yeah riht! on-line na on-line. Kakatapos lang kc ng klase ko.. Sa wkas!!!! kakapagod! Kakainis. Imagine... from 8 up to 6 ang klase Mondays to Fridays.. Kakainis! ngayon lang ako nakaligtas,,, hahahah

5:16 PM  
Anonymous COUGH CPR said...

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3:05 PM  
Anonymous fretnot said...

Yo bro! Sa wakas, may new entry na ako.. :-) Check it out!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous said...

bro! pasensya na, medyo mahina ang energy ng FRETNOT ngayon.. Midterm examination kasi.. Kelangan magsunog ng kilay! :-0 Sorry rin di- makareply sa textline. Busy lang.

4:11 PM  
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Blogger cruise said...

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