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April 20, 2006

Great News! I Passed My Accounting Subject!

With only one day left to pray for my accounting subject, finally my agony ended yesterday. Great great great news! I passed my accounting subject!!! Hooray! This calls for a celebration!

Here’s what happened yesterday. I arrived in our school at exactly 9 in the morning. Isn’t it perfect? At exactly 9 in the morning, the grades for our accountancy subject will be released. Oh my! I’m late! So instead of taking the elevator, I went straight up from 1st floor to 6th floor using the stairs! Whew, that was hard. Anyways, when I got inside the room my accounting prof. was already there and I was the only student at that time. So I decided to step out of the classroom and wait for my classmates. Two of my classmates arrived then I thought of getting my class card. I approached my professor then she let me sign in a piece of paper before giving my class card. Oh my gulay!!!

Remember in my last post I mentioned that I will be happy and very much contented if I get 1.0. God is so good! I got higher than 1.0! Hooray! I know some of you are asking what’s my grade then. Uhm, that thing I can’t mention. Sorry. Since grade school I don’t show my grades. At least you have an idea that it’s higher than 1.0 and I’m so so so happy for that.

Yippee!!! I won’t have to repeat my accounting subject! Thank you God!

4.0 is the highest grade then 1.0 is the lowest. Lower than 1.0, you'll repeat that subject.

Wanna know my final grade? *lol CLUE: not 1.0!


Anonymous richard said...

congratts bro!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous richard said...

thanks for the comment and reaction bro.. yeah right! sipag at tiyaga lang, right? Nga pala, pasensya na maikli lang yung nasulat ko kahapon dito sa comment link mo kasi 1 hour lang ako sa internet cafe... heheheh

CONGRATS! The good thing is pumasa ka. Cheers! I'm happy for you.. Lets celebrate.. *lol.. :-)

Nga pala, sino yung tinutukoy mo na friend mo na friend ko rin sa blogging world? Heheh, ngayon ko lang natanong..

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats! magpakain ka naman *lol


8:01 PM  
Anonymous richard said...

yo bro! sure ba.. libre naman dyan.. Hahaha! Nasa Mindanao ang Kidapawan. Particularly in North Cotabato. Ang saya dito!!!! Hahah Mga 2 hours ride from Davao...
AH.. Yung "I love this sem......"? E ksi ganito yun, anim sa mga crush ko sa mga nakalipas na taon ay mga classmates ko. Tapos classmate ko rin yung reigning MS. INTRAMS... Ayos!!!! :-)

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats! congrats!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous krissie said...

I'll take a guess..



tama ba??

hehehehe.. =)

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats...sna ganun din ako matiyaga tulad mo..

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow!! at long last!! updated na blog ni pareng paul!! haha... ok sa mga pic ha!!

10:26 AM  
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Blogger strat said...

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8:14 PM  

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