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May 14, 2006

What's My Age Again? / Happy Mother's Day

We went yesterday to my niece’s birthday party (Louis) which was held in McDo – Kingswood in Makati. Now, my tita asked me if I could be the cameraman in her son’s 4th birthday. I said yes, why not?! So visitors came in and I just kept on capturing those special moments until the party started.

The emcee asked that she needs 3 girls, 3 boys, and 6 adults. My sister and I immediately volunteered. We danced macarena, otso-otso, and a lot of those weird dances, paper dance, bring me, etc. *lol

The big question is did we win? Yes! *lol Malupit kaya ako sumayaw! *lol

We all enjoyed that moment. The experience to be a kid again was so good. Diba? I mean not all of us can go back in being kid but enjoying your time with those kids, stepping down to their level brought a lot of fun not only for us but also to the audience. Men! We have no idea how funny we were while doing those games! *lol But at least we had fun!

The birthday celebrant.

Richard... I want you to meet my cousin. *lol

To my mom, happy mother’s day mah! Love yah! To all the mommies, happy mother’s day!!!

Happy Mother's Day momsy!