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February 24, 2006

It's Good To Be Back

It’s so good to be back! So what’s up with me for the past two weeks? This week is our midterm’s week. Of course, there were deadlines for projects, a lot of assignments and all that. Basically, the typical scenario when midterms or finals are approaching. Good thing this Friday morning is a holiday. We were on the way to my school when my classmate called me up and said, “Hey we have no class!” So we went back to our home. Finally I had 3 hours of sleep and the good thing is I’m back, blogging in my blog. (lol)

This week was our defense for our major subject. Our professor has a short patience so when he doesn’t like what you’re talking about in front or your team did not gather the necessary information, well just prepare yourself to hear these words. Now, it’s quite rude for me to hear those words but I want to give you guys the picture in our defense. Those words that I’m saying are “Your bullshiting me mr./ms. Someone!” I don’t even know if my spelling was correct. That’s his expression whenever he feels that you did not meet his standards. I understand why he is like that. He’s a very professional man. Before the defense, he already told us that don’t take it seriously (I’m referring to the B.S. word). He wants us to be prepared in the ‘real’ world. Our group did not hear the B.S. word so we’re happy for that. ‘Til next time! God bless! It’s so good to be back.

Pillars from Court of Appeals

February 11, 2006

Survival of the Fittest

Yesterday was an exhausting day. We went to our client, Court of Appeals, to get detailed information about our project. We went to Padre Faura ‘round 11:00 p.m. We thought that the interview will only take about an hour ‘cause we have a class @ 2:00. My gulay! The interview finished around 1:20 and we have to be in school at 2! This is the highlight of the story. All of us haven’t eaten our lunch so at that time our stomach was begging for food already. What are we going to do?! We have a class and quiz @ 2! When we went outside the building, we saw a banana-Q vendor. Ever experience eating anything just to stop your stomach for producing that ‘Rrrr’ sound? Well, that happened to us yesterday. I bought 1 stick of banana-Q and a plastic of soft drink for LUNCH (lol). We arrived in our school around 1:58. Thank God I have to brush my teeth and prepare for the quiz. I remember what my great professor said “Once you meet your clients, you’ll experience some things you’d never thought you will do. All you need is kapal ng mukha, tibay ng dibdib, at lakas ng loob.” I’m kinda nervous but at the same time excited because you’ll only experience these things maybe once or twice in your life especially eating babana-Q for lunch! God bless!

My groumates: Land, Mafe, & Grace

Want some banana-q?! (lol)

February 04, 2006

SMART - IT Summit

SMART organized an IT Summit in Mega-mall bldg. B for all the IT people from different schools. Different schools like DLSU, UA&P, ADMU, APC, PUP, MAPUA, UP, etc. I was quite disappointed because basically SMART – IT Summit was for graduating students. The morning program was all about the history of SMART then the latter parts were allotted for the job interviews. Anyways, we had fun in the afternoon part. SMART gave us free lunch in a restaurant (I forgot the name but it sounds like a Japanese restaurant). I guess that’s the best part of the program (lol!). After the lunch, some of us went straight home. I hope by the time we’re about to graduate, it’s either I’ll spend my whole internship or get hire in big and cool company like SMART. We’ll see…

Can wait to get my hands on those cuisines!

My partner in ALL crimes, Sol.