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October 27, 2006

9 Weird Things About pauL...

1. The Golden Rule of pauL: Hawakan mo na lahat huwag lang ang buhok ko! Swear! Don’t you even dare… *lol or else… I allot at least 20 to 30 minutes just for styling my hair and what do you get when someone approaches you and then ruin your hairstyle in just a second! *lol

2. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke but I drink ‘toyo’ or soy sauce. Yup I drink ‘toyo’. Ask my mom about it. *lol

3. Both my feet and hands are more ‘feminine’, in terms of its appearance, compare to my sister. *lol

4. In terms of food… I don’t like onions which are mix with the sauce. I eat onions kapag nasa pizza! The pizza won’t be yummy for me if it has pineapple toppings. Ayaw! May weird na feeling kapag nasa mouth ko na sya.

5. Still on food… Kawawa ako whenever we have reunions. Why? Puro na lang crabs, shrimps, etc. Ayaw! Smell pa lang ng pinapakuluan na crabs, I feel dizzy and my throat starts to get itchy.

6. My work will be more productive if I listen to opera type of songs. I’m not comfortable kapag mahina yung music.

7. Up to now I’m still hoping na ma-stuck ako sa lrt or mrt and then magwa-walk ka sa riles. Nice…

8. Napapaiyak ako whenever nanonood ako ng Wish Ko Lang. Hindi naluluha, naiiyak. There was this incident nanonood ako ng Wish Ko Lang. Malamang umiiyak na ako nun. Hindi ko napansin dumating na pala kapatid ko akala nya kung anong nangyari sa akin. *lol

9. this one I can definitely say na it’s the weirdest. I base it from the reactions ng mga taong sinabihan ko. Things that turns me on sa babae: great singer, kaya akong patawanin na parang walang bukas, matanggkad ng konti sa akin, etc… Pero there is this one feature na kapag nakita ko na meron yung girl na yun, patay na!

I easily get attracted sa mga girls na b-a-n-l-a-g!

Those are some of my weirdest stuffs about me. Hope you enjoy reading it! :D

October 18, 2006

When Boredom Strikes...

When boredom strikes, what do you usually do? Perfect scenario for that was when Milenyo was here. No tv, no pc, drained cell phones, malls were closed, etc. So what did you do to relieve your boredom?

Here’s what I did when Milenyo came. I’ve sung some songs and then record it. This is one of my favorites. Hope you’ll like my version. *lol

Hillsong - Emmanuel [Artist Lyrics]

Album: You are my world

Together in this place of worship

Your greatness we proclaim

We stand as one in giving You

All glory and acclaim

To You our hearts are open

To You our hands we raise

Come take the place

Of honor in our lives



Our God is with us

Prince of peace

Mighty one

The ever-living God


Emmanuel (pauL's version)

October 10, 2006

Buminggo Ako!

Hooray! Nanalo ako ng bingo sa school! Commerce week kasi ngayon sa school namin so everyday there’s always an activity. I was on my sa cafeteria then my friend asked me na bumili ng bingo card – P15.00. You can use that card for the entire game. There were 8 levels – X-shape, small diamond, big diamond, big square, small square, diagonal, cross, and the last level – the blackout level. It was my first time to play bingo so I was quite excited. Habang tumatagal that excitement was turning into boredom. From the first level up to the 7th level hindi ako makabuo ng required pattern. So I encourage myself by saying “Na-fefeel ko mananalo na ako sa round na ito.” My classmates were all laughing at me kasi hindi talaga ako manalo-nalo. So the blackout round came. The price is P1,500. I still said to myself “Nafe-feel ko na mananalo ako (with conviction)!”. Isa na lang I – 69 na lang iniitay ko. Actually hindi lang ako, almost all were shouting that number until… “Sa Letrang I … 69!!!!”. Lahat ng may hawak, including me, na natawag yung mga numbers sa card nila all rushed sa stage.

The official number of winners was 33 students! Meaning everyone will get around 45 pesos. Not bad! Pero they decided to make it 50 pesos para sarado daw. I had fun! Sobra! Not bad na yung 50 pesos kasi I bought the bingo card for 15 pesos. Nabawi ko yung 15 and I receive pa 35 pesos and kahit papaano naka-relax relax ako.

Sino gustong magpalibre? Sagot ko. *lol