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April 26, 2006

Three Reasons in Watching PBB Teen Edition

I was a fan of PBB first edition ‘cause at that time everybody has no idea what was PBB all about. Then came PBB Celeb. edition. For me that was kinda ‘corny’ so I didn’t watched that season. Now we have Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. Sounds interesting right? Hhhmmm…

My three reasons why it is a MUST to watch PBB Teen Edition:

First Reason: Mariel Rodriguez is now the main host of PBB. Wah! She’s so witty and pretty! I like her! *lol

Second Reason: Sunday night (the launch of PBB Teen Edition) I was kinda switching channels from ABS to HBO (‘cause I was watching CONSTANTINE!). So I got a glimpse on each teen housemates and I switch back to HBO. But this housemate really caught my attention. When I saw her vtr, I forgot that I was watching Constantine. Man! She’s so pretty! Wanna know who she is? Her name is Kim. The chinita girl from Davao or Cebu. I like her too! *lol

Third Reason: This may sound ‘corny’ but at some points we can get lessons from this show.

In front of Big Brother's House.
Medyo thin pa ako 'cause this photo was taken last year pa. *lol

Gggrrr!!! I wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s episode! I was at my gimmik. Gggrrr!

April 20, 2006

Great News! I Passed My Accounting Subject!

With only one day left to pray for my accounting subject, finally my agony ended yesterday. Great great great news! I passed my accounting subject!!! Hooray! This calls for a celebration!

Here’s what happened yesterday. I arrived in our school at exactly 9 in the morning. Isn’t it perfect? At exactly 9 in the morning, the grades for our accountancy subject will be released. Oh my! I’m late! So instead of taking the elevator, I went straight up from 1st floor to 6th floor using the stairs! Whew, that was hard. Anyways, when I got inside the room my accounting prof. was already there and I was the only student at that time. So I decided to step out of the classroom and wait for my classmates. Two of my classmates arrived then I thought of getting my class card. I approached my professor then she let me sign in a piece of paper before giving my class card. Oh my gulay!!!

Remember in my last post I mentioned that I will be happy and very much contented if I get 1.0. God is so good! I got higher than 1.0! Hooray! I know some of you are asking what’s my grade then. Uhm, that thing I can’t mention. Sorry. Since grade school I don’t show my grades. At least you have an idea that it’s higher than 1.0 and I’m so so so happy for that.

Yippee!!! I won’t have to repeat my accounting subject! Thank you God!

4.0 is the highest grade then 1.0 is the lowest. Lower than 1.0, you'll repeat that subject.

Wanna know my final grade? *lol CLUE: not 1.0!

April 17, 2006

Accounting Nightmare! Who Wants an R?!

“Debit here, credit there, and balance this one!” Wah! I don’t wanna prolong this agony! I’ve been thinking of this thing since last week and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of this accounting nightmare. Here’s the scenario. This term our block took up accountancy. Yah, I know it’s just simple debit and credit but the problem here is our professor! She’s a cpa graduate and it’s her first to teach in our school. Isn’t that great?! The first 2 weeks of our class with her was fun but the succeeding classes were nightmare!

Here’s my side. Yah I know that she wants us to learn the basics about accountancy but the thing here is she’s inconsiderate. What do I mean by inconsiderate? Inconsiderate in a way she wants us to prepare a balance sheet, income statement, statements of owner’s equity, and all those other statements in just 15 minutes! What the?! Now, is accountancy our major subject?! NO! One more thing. My group mates and I went to Naic Cavite ng wala plano just to finish that accounting project. Do you know where Naic Cavite is? Before I don’t know but now I know.

April 19, 2006 – Wednesday will be the day that we’re going to know the final verdict. If we’re going to pass accountancy (how I badly wish! *crossed fingers) or (*oohh I don’t wanna see this in my class card) get an R for repeat. Please no R! I never had an R in my entire school life so please no R. I’d be so so so so happy if I’ll see 1.0 in my class card. We’ll see. Wednesday – April 19, 2006 at exactly 9:00 in the morning. God bless!

Like the numbers... The prof.? Next please... *lol

My messy table *lol

April 15, 2006

My First and Last Vow

Now this is what boredom can do. Two entries in a row! *lol Anyways, I’m home alone again and I dunno what else I can do inside our house. The near malls are close. I’m not close to our neighbors. My cousins, tito’s, and tita’s are not in their homes. Whose house can I go to? No one! Hhhmmm…

Now to ease my boredom let me share you this very important thing to me. I’ve always wanted to make a write up about this ‘thing’ but I’m always busy. Anyways, all the people I often meet frequently asks this specific question. “Oh paul so do you have a girlfriend right now? How many girlfriends did have?” The answer is so simple.

I never had girlfriend since birth. The succeeding most frequent question is this, “Why? Are you gay?” What the !@#*. Of course not! This is what I usually answer. “Kasi I have this vow between God and I. The vow that I’m taking about is whoever will be my first girlfriend will be the girl I’ll bring in front of the altar.”

“How sweet… But isn’t that too impossible to happen? At how can you assure that the first girlfriend you’ll have will be the last? Mukhang malabo ata yang sinasabi mo”

Ako: “Nope. It’s possible. How? As early as now I’m praying that God will reveal to me whoever that girl is. Now, if you’re saying na impossible yun, may binibigay ba sa atin si God na hindi best para sa atin. Want some proof? The best example for this is my tito. He was married two years ago. He never had girlfriend until God revealed to him that girl who eventually became my tita. You just need to pray hard and believe that someday God will reveal to you your future wife or husband.”

After sharing my thoughts they were saying “Swerte naman ng mapapangasawa mo.” I said, “Both of us will be blessed when we meet each other”.

Another reason (my practical side) why up to now I don’t have a girlfriend is because my standards and perception when having a girlfriend are high. First, I want to have my own car when I have a girlfriend. I don’t to borrow my parent’s cars just to make hatid to my girlfriend. Second, if my girlfriend and I will go out I want to spend my own money. Still, I don’t want to get money from my parents just to treat my girlfriend. Lastly, as much as possible if I’m going to have a girlfriend right now, I’ll make sure I have my own house or condominium unit. You may say that I’m exaggerating things but that’s my standards. In short, when I meet my future wife I’m already independent.

Here's want I want my wedding should look like. I scanned it so I can share it to you guys. That�s from the bird�s eye view. Only my future wife and I can walk to the other half of the aisle.

Gospel of Judas

Ngayon lang ako magsusulat sa aking blog na tagalog. Natuwa kasi ako sa isang blog na aking nabasa na hindi naman pala masama na ang lenguahe na iyong gagamitin ay Filipino. Ganunpaman, magkukwento pa rin ako patungkol sa “Gospel of Judas”.

Nasa bahay ako ng aking kaibigan kahapon at syempre hindi naming maiiwasan mapagusapan ang patungkol sa Holy week. Bagamat lahat kami ay born again Christian ay nirerespeto namin ang paniniwala ng mga katoliko. Nagusap usap kami hanggang magpagusapan naming ang patungkol sa Gospel of Judas. Marahil ay nadinig nyo na ang patungkol dito. Una ko syang narinig sa aking kaklase hanggang sa mapanood ko sya sa National Geographic Channel. Para sa mga walang ideya kung ano ang nilalaman ng Gospel of Judas, ganito lang kasimple yun. Ang pinaka nilalaman nito ay nagsasabi na hindi kagustuhan ni Judas na ipagkalulo si Jesus. Ang ibig sabihin ay inutos ni Jesus kay Judas na kailangan mo akong ipagkalulo upang matupad ang propesiya. Hindi ba nakakatawa? Kung napanood ninyo ito sa National Geographic Channel ay pati kayo ay matatawa sa ‘reenactment’ na ginawa nila. Sinabi ni Jesus na bibigyan nya si Judas ng gantimpala na wala pang anghel ang nakakakita. At ang katapusan nito ay ginawa nga ni Judas na ipagkanulo si Jesus kahit labag ito sa kanyang kalooban.

Sa panahon pa lang ni Jesus meron na talagang mga tao na ‘against’ sa kanya. Kaya hindi maiiwasan na meron at meroong mga kasulatan na matatagpuan. Para sa akin isa lamang itong kalokohan. Alam ko ang aking paniniwala at kailanman ay hindi ito mababali.

Pahabol, hindi lamang itong Holy week dapat nating i-appreciate ang ginawa ni Jesus. Dapat araw araw tayong magpasalamat sa kanyang ginawa. (That was hard. *lol)

April 12, 2006

Pre Summah Vacation

It’s already 12:10 in the morning and I’m still up. Finally I’m done with our project. Yup, we still have class but that’s ok. In spite of all the pressures I still make sure that there’s always a time to relak (relax). Aside from going to spa, one way to get away from all the pressures is to go out with your friends. And that’s what I did. My former classmates and I ate dinner, watched movie, and talked all day. You should try it. It’s very effective. Anyways, we went to Gateway and watched Moments of Love. We we’re not suppose to watch that movie but one of kasama said that they are required to watch that movie. What else can we do but to watch it too. The first part was so dull that I took a nap. I kinda like the last part because it’s somehow funny for us. You should watch that movie. It’s alright for me. After watching that movie, we had dinner in Super Bowl. Their chicken was great. We talked there all night we didn’t notice it was already late. I arrived home around 11:30. There’s no problem going home that late because that night I was the only one in our house. They are all enjoying their vacation! Anyways, just a bit more and I’ll be having my vacation too! (lol) God bless!

Want some?

April 09, 2006

We got 4.0! Yehey!

So here’s what we’ve been up to for almost three weeks. For three weeks, as in 3 long, straight, and tiring weeks, we had been doing this project. I missed my bed. I missed my pillows. I missed my room. I missed my home. Well we did our project in my classmate’s house. That’s in Paranaque. So I go home every Saturday night just to get a set of clothes that will fit me for one week! On Sundays, I went to church with my family and after church I hung out with my friends just to release me from stress. I hate Sunday nights! That’s when I go again to my classmate’s house with all those heavy bags. Hate it! Anyways, finally it has come to an end. Our defense was scheduled last Thursday, April 6 in our client’s side, Court of Appeals in Padre Faura. We were all nervous ‘cause we heard that some of our batch mates we’ll have a re-defense on summer because they failed the defense.

And guess what?! God is so good! Our professor was impressed and when the defense was over we asked him what his verdict is. And he said with or without the paper works we will still get 4.0! Wow! All those hard work paid off. Those sleepless nights were worth it. Thank you God! Time to celebrate! God bless!

Court of Appeals in Padre Faura

Doing our presentation in front of almost 15 panelists.

On the left side is our prof., Mr. Edmund Casino, defending us to our clients.

Having lunch with Sir Toti. (lol!) I guess pink is my lucky color!

April 02, 2006

Congratulations to All the Graduates of 2006!

Yesterday was my sister’s big day. After 4 long years, she finally graduated with a degree in nursing. I’m so happy and proud of my sister. When my former classmates, who are taking up nursing in Manila Doctors College, knew that she was about to graduate, they were so envious they wish they were also one of the graduating students. Is it that hard in nursing? Maybe yes because I often see my sister here in our house. When I’m in school she’s either studying here at home or sleeping. When I’m in home, she’s on duty in the hospital. Yeah, probably my former classmates were right that nursing is a tough course. That makes me even more proud of my sister. Of course, aside from me who else can me exceed my joy for my sister? My parents! Yup, that day was the one of their fulfilling days. Just sitting there and watch their daughter go up the stage and get her diploma was breathtaking and precious moment. In behalf of my sister I wanna thank you mom and dad for being supportive to us. And to all the graduates of 2006, congratulations!!! God bless!

Shot using my pda

Shot using my digi cam

B.S. in Nursing

Tears of joy

Bird's Eye View of Manila Doctors College

Fountain of Wisdom