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April 30, 2005

APC Choir 2005

Just got home and I’m so excited to share what happened for the whole day. Let me give you gist about APC choir. The choral died for the first two terms in this school year because they couldn’t find any conductor. Since graduation is approaching, the school must put up a choir to sing in the baccalaureate mass. Yup, that’s us! We’ve been practicing for the past 2 to 3 weeks and I thanked God because it turned out well. It’s a do or die thing. If the professors liked our performance, there will be a choir for the next term or vice versa. And guess what, when I asked one of the professors, she said it was good! I hope there will be a choir next term!

Altos and Sopranos

Bass and Tenors

All in all, there are 22 official choir members. 7 Sopranos, 3 Altos, 4 Tenors (including me), 8 Bass.

April 21, 2005

Last Wish

My 90 years old great-grandma

Last Thursday, my grandmother on my father side called us. She said that our great-grandmother is already weak and one of her last wishes is to see all her grandchildren. Friday night, my mother and I went to our grandma in Novaliches to fetch them. My sister cannot make it because she’s in duty that time. Around 12:30, we leaved Manila going to San Carlos, Pangasinan. We arrived there around 6:30, Saturday morning. The trip was a bit stressful. I saw Bai Duray, my great grandma, and gave her a hug. The following scenes are too emotional. My dad cried on the phone when he talked to Bai. We then leave around 4:00 in Saturday afternoon.

Looking for nice view

ruined chapel


April 15, 2005

First Love

“Every time na down ka, always remember how you met Christ. Bring back the ‘First love’. Don’t let the fire burn out. Keep it burning and burning until we see Christ face to face.”

I heard this from one of our pastors and it really touched my heart and soul. There comes a time for a Christian when the fire in their heart just fades away and for the past week, that’s my situation. All of a sudden the fire that I once felt vanished. Although I do still attend in our church, there’s this empty space in my heart that I know only God can fill it. One thing I learned from this is that the enemy can take anything from you BUT there is one thing that the enemy can’t steal and that is the LOVE of God for you and your LOVE for God. The reason why I’m still standing and fighting in these obstacles is because I love Him. I love Him and I will always love him. No one can change that and no one can steal that!

Outdoor Discipleship

April 03, 2005

YOUTH CONCERT: It's All About You

This is what I’ve been doing for the past two months. Shiela, my former classmate, asked me if I can join their youth concert. We started practicing since January and last night was the CONCERT! Wow! I thanked God because it was successful. This are my ‘solo’ performances: One Way, Trading My Sorrows, & To The Ends of The Earth (w/ my violin). The other songs which we sang are Shackles, I’m Gonna Praise Your Name, I Will Magnify You, Made Me Glad, Panginoong Tunay, Mahal na Mahal, & It’s All About You.

Final Rehearsal

Playing and singing 'To The Ends of TheEarth'.

We looked haggard look after the concert.

This is my polo after the concert.

Two of my ‘spiritual best friends’, Abi & Shiela.

To God be ALL the glory!!!