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June 26, 2006

Isang Masalimuot na Pangyayari

Isang maulan na araw at isang napakasamang pangyayari. Ito ang istorya ng araw ko…

Nasa last subject na kami. Ang lahat ay ordinaryo. Pumasok ang professor at sinimulan na ang reporting. Upang makita namin ang report, nag “Net Meeting” kami. Nag volunteer ako na ibigay ang aking IP address à meaning I’m the local host.

So nagsimula na mareport yung reporter. Habang lahat ay abala sa pakikinig ako naman ay na-‘tempt’ magchat. Ka chat ko yung classmate ko na pinagsabihin ko ng problema patungkol sa ‘barkada’ issue. Ang mali ko ay nag-mentioned ako ng mga names na kung saan asa classmate ko yung mga involve!!!!

There I was enjoying my chat to my classmate knowing that it’s a personal message to that person. But in the middle of the discussion somebody gave a comment!

Oh my gulay!!! Lahat ng pinagusapan naming was broadcasted sa whole room and everyone was reading especially the persons involve!!! Wah!!! Badtrip!

When I saw someone else’s name appeared I looked at the bottom of the screen to check whether naka “EVERYONE” mode ako! OO! Patay! Lahat nakabasa ng pinaguusapan namin!

I stood up, when to my ka-chat’s seat and asked that person kung anong nakalagay sa kanya. EVERYONE din! Wah!

I’m so dumb! I’m dead!

So I tried to clear the messages pero ayaw. Then I thought, mag-disconnect kaya ako para mawala. Tama! Wakekek!!! Hindi pwede! Ako yung local host!!! Meaning if I disconnect myself the entire class will be disconnected too!

I’m dead! I am dead! Hay…

Kasi chat ng chat!

June 22, 2006


Been very busy for this past weeks and I even had no time to check my friendster’s account! Anyways, I’ll update my blog again on my vacant time! God bless!

Model 101

Can you still remember the entry I made about photography? When my professor found out that I was into photography and gave me a photography book? Well, you see I haven’t given him my ‘homework’ photos. The photos that I showed him was all about sceneries so he challenged me. Why don’t I take photos of a human? I said yes!

So it has been three months since I accepted his challenge and yesterday I saw him. I just greeted him and he smiled back. I can feel that he’s still waiting for my ‘homework’ photos. Men, it’s quite hard to capture someone’s feelings and put it in a photo. I’m working on that homework but it will take me some time to have good photos. Would you like to be my model?! *lol

My Best friend’s Debut

For all those who frequently asked me, “Paul na-post mo na ba?” Here you guys. It was my best friend’s debut party last Saturday. It was held in Aberdeen Court in Q.C. Kei (my former classmate) and I opened the program. We sang “The Prayer” by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church. I also participated in 18 treasures and 18 roses. We had so much fun!

Can’t post all those pictures but I promise to give you guys a copy of my photos in my cam. God bless!

June 06, 2006

3rd Year na Ako!

Hooray! 3rd na ako! 1 more year and then graduate na ako! It was the first day of my junior life yesterday. Second day ko na ngayon sa pagiging 3rd year and I must say masaya. Alam nyo yung feeling na sobrang excited every 1st day of every term. For a little time, you and your classmates won’t be seeing each other kasi vacation or sem break and then for that small amount of days or months na hindi kayo nagkita, you will the excitement. Honestly, hindi ako masyado nakatulog last Sunday ‘cause I was thinking “tumaba kaya si ganyan?” “maganda pa rin kaya yung crush ko?” “Did I loose weight?”

Parang kailan lang when I entered Asia Pacific College na walang kakilala and then now I’m in 3rd year. I know this whole school year will be tough kaya naman I’m quite conditioning myself especially for the SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. Puyatan time nanaman!

Anyways, 2 years na lang then graduate na but who knows maybe something will happen. We’ll see. We will see.

By the way, according to my classmates pumayat daw ako! I’d love to hear that again! *lol

Discussing the course syllabus... zzzz!

I'm the geek in pink... hehehe

Forgot how to write! lol