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November 18, 2006

Rest In Peace

Hey! Welcome back para sa akin! This is my first entry pala for the month of November. Why am I gone for quite some time? I’ll tell you why…

I’ve been awake for about 23 hours, 56 minutes and still counting. Here’s what I’ve been doing. We’re doing 3 systems, take note THREE systems, to be submitted on the second week of December – it should be a working prototype. What are those systems?

1. Case Status Monitoring System / SMS – we’ve been doing this project since January of this year. Seryoso! Our client is Court of Appeals (C.A.) The target users are lawyers and of course, the public. You can check the status of your ‘case’, if you have, via Internet, in which I’m working on and via SMS.

2. Registration System – how to avoid conflict in rooms and schedules of the student. It’s a system for our school. Again, its web based.

3. Purchase Requisition Module in Logistic System – this I hate most. I almost failed my accounting subject and I have to study the flow. Tsk, tsk…

We had our pre-defense for finals kanina and I was happy with all the feedbacks. Our professor loved it! Hooray!!! He was happy with the outcome of our project and I must say when I heard him say that parang natanggal yung pagkaantok ko. It gives you the push to always give your best shot. Walang tulog and idlip deretso na ako sa defense ( I was doing the PHP stuff ) and good thing it turn out pretty good.

Time check: 24 hours and 23 minutes na akong gising. My eyes are voluntarily closing down and my brain will shut down any moment… God bless! I’ll be visiting and posting my comments on your blogs soon!!! Tulog time...