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August 12, 2007

Drug Test: Boom! Positive

Last term we were informed that there will be a mandatory drug test. Students, professors, manong guards, and even the janitors are obliged to undergo drug test. They will be selecting students randomly and yesterday was my day. I was excited and a bit worry. Don’t worry guys I’m clean! ^_^ I was just wondering what if the result says I’m positive but I guess that’s not a pleasant scenario. ^_^ But seriously I commend our school for conducting a drug test for this only shows how much they love us. ^_^

All medicines that were taken for the past 10 days should be declared in this paper.

Water for those who have a hard to you know ^_^

I tried to control it but it overflowed. Yikes! ^_^

On the other side of the story, we found this one last Friday. “Magpapainom daw si Manny! Sige! Go ako dyan! Isang ice tea please! ^_^”

Ang cute dba? Yung bottle not me… Hahaha