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March 21, 2006

Sleepless Nights - Day 1

Time check: 11:45 p.m. and we’re still up! Actually one of our group mates is already sleeping. We’ll stay here in my group mate’s house I think up to Friday. It depends. We still have to create database and connect it to our website and sms phone. I hope this project will be a success. We’ll see. Time check: 12:02. Bye!

I brought my cpu, my clothes up to Friday, and some foods.

Beware! When this girl touches the bed. Expect in a few minutes, you'll see her sleeping! (lol!)

Stolen shot daw.

Stolen rin daw...

March 18, 2006

"I'm no longer a VIRGIN!"

The confession chair.

How would you react when somebody tells you those words? How will you handle it? How?!

I just came home fresh from our 4 days overnight. On my way home a very close friend of mine texted me saying “Paul, let’s go out. We need to talk.” I immediately said yes and ask HER where we will meet. We decided to meet in Starbucks, Vito Cruz. From the moment I saw her, my spirit discerned that she’s bringing something heavy deep inside those smile. So I immediately ask how is she doing, is there something new that I should know, and all those ‘pangangamusta’ questions. We ordered food and started to converse to each other. Let me clarify some things. I’m talking to girl, a very close friend of mine. I know she wanted to say something so I told her that I’m willing to listen.

“Paul, I’m no longer a virgin! I had sex with my boyfriend.” I paused in drinking my coffee. I squeezed my pants and tears started to fall down. At that moment my mind was empty. We stared for about 10 minutes. Silence covered where we were sitting. I asked her why and she replied by raising her shoulders. She told me she wanted to break the guy but she couldn’t. It’s more complicated and hard for her because not only they’ve become one emotionally but also physically.

“So galit ka bas akin? Nagbago na rin ba tingin mo sa pagkatao ko?”

I answered, “Nope. Your still the bestfriend I knew and you’ll always be close to me.”

“Paul, ano na?”

I replied, “Ganito. Can you do this for me? Please don’t do it again. Yun na lang ang hinihiling ko sayo. Please!”

“Hinihintay ko na lang siyang pumunta sa ibang bansa. After that ibrea-break ko na siya.”

The best thing that I can do at that time, aside from including her in my prayers, was to show her that my relationship towards her will never changed. In fact, I should her more comfort.

We walked from Vito Cruz up to Quirino. While walking, I prayed for her. Before we parted ways, I told her again not to do that again and I told her that just call me up and I’ll be on your side to help you.

Starbucks (Vito-Cruz Branch)

March 14, 2006

That's What Friends Are For

Seeing your grade school buddies for quite a long time will give you an exciting feeling. I was getting ready to go home when my grade school classmate called me up. In just a few minutes, I was on my way to La Salle. After La Salle, we went straight to Robinson’s Place. From the moment we saw each other, oh my gulay!, we can’t stop talking. You have this unexplainable feeling which obviously I can’t describe (lol). Anyways, my grade school classmates were Joy and Charity. Having spiritual friends like them are irreplaceable because at some point God reminded me how I was on fire when I was in elementary level. After eating in Chef d Angelo, we all agreed to this fun thing. Videooke time! The song I’ve always wanted to sing is “This is the moment” by Erick Santos and finally I did sing that song. Wanna know my score? (lol) 99! Can’t wait get my hands on those microphones! (lol) God bless!

Yummy! Their pizza was great!

I'm with my "babe", Charity! (lol)

Joy, the great singer!

March 05, 2006

Im back in My Zoo

One year has past and I’m back in My Zoo. Nope it’s not actually ‘my zoo’ but it’s the name of the zoo where we did our community service. I went there all by myself. I woke 7:30 in the morning and went off around 8:35. My mom wanted me to give a ride all the way to Q.C. but I refused. So I arrived in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife around 9:40. There, I saw the freshmen students painting the roof. By the way, I went there because we have a project. I have to make a website for My Zoo. It’s a cool feeling seeing those freshmen working hard just to complete the hours required for that subject because at some point you say to yourself “I’ve completed my 80 hours of community service”. ‘Til next time! I have to make an outline for that website.