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August 29, 2005

Rotaract of Makati Bonifacio - Asia Pacific College

Last Thursday, 25th of August 2005, we were officially inducted as the officers of Rotaract – Asia Pacific College in Corinthian Plaza in Makati. I was placed in the Club Director position. I won’t say we totally enjoyed being there but I guess we expected too much from what had happened. We’re just looking forward for all the activities that are in stored for us.

August 21, 2005

Photography Rules!

My English professor, Mr. Daroy, is a professional photographer. He took a photography lesson in New York and he won in a photography contest. I approached him and told him that photography is one of my hobbies. He was surprised and asked me if I could show him some of my favorite photos.

This was his favorite among the pictures I showed him.

He was so amazed he told me that he’s going to let me borrow his photography book. And guess what! When he handed me the book I asked him when will I’m going to return the book. Here’s the exciting part. He told me it’s mine!!!

Here's the book that I�m talking about. It�s entitled �Practical Photography, How to get the best picture every time� by John Freeman.

My assignment to my professor was to give him 3 of my latest best picture. Here are some of my latest pictures from our travelogue yesterday.

August 19, 2005

Friends Forever (Part 2)

As promised, here's the second part of my recent entry. Forgive me if this entry was late because our Final examination is fast approaching. Enjoy the pictures! I'll be posting another entry this Saturday. God bless!

August 07, 2005

Friends Forever (Part 1)

In times when you think you only have few friends specially ‘spiritual friends’ well think again! One of my spiritual best friends, Joy, had her 18th birthday. We’ve been classmate since grade 3 up to 1st year of high school. In that period of time we had a chance to know each other better. Aside from Joy, the list of my spiritual friends goes on and on. Here’s the ‘catch’. I haven’t seen them all around 2 to 3 years! So I asked myself ‘What will be their reaction when they see me?’, ‘Did their faces change?’ and so on.

What I liked about what happened yesterday is that they still make me feel I’m part of the family. There’s no dull moment with these guys. And what I most like about it is they are all born again Christian. Not baby Christians but matured Christian. I don’t know but somehow God made me realized that I should treasure these kinds of friendship. And I do treasure all of them. God knows how much I value these relationships we have and I’m so thankful for making me a part of their family even if I transferred to other school. Watch out for the part 2!

Joy happy 18th birthday!!!