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September 29, 2006

Hooray! May Kuryente Na!!!

Finally we have electricity!!! Hooray! Did the blackout bore you guys yesterday? For me, a resounding YES answer. Here’s what I did yesterday.

7:50 a.m. – For no reasons at all I woke up early, went to my parent’s room to watch t.v.

8:30 a.m. – The cable was cut off so I went downstairs, immediately turned on the pc and there I was having my breakfast in front of the computer.

9: 30 a.m. – I was in the middle of my enjoyment browsing other’s blogs, chatting with my classmates and friends until… the power was cut off. Great! So I went in the kitchen to finish my breakfast hoping that after a few minutes the power supply will return.

10:30 a.m. – Singing while walking around the house still hoping that the power supply will be back soon. Good thing a friend called up so I was not bored at that time.

12:00 p.m.“Hala! Game k n b? na wala pa ding kuryente! Tsk, tsk! Tapos malolo-bat na yung phone ko.”

2:40 p.m. – Borrowed my dad’s extra phone ‘cause the battery of my phone was drained, talked to a friend on the phone.

3:30 p.m. – Took a bath and then went to my cousins’ house.

4:00 p.m. – My cousins and I went to Robinson’s Ermita but it was closed. Went to Harrison Plaza, the mall was closed too. Tsk tsk.

I spent the whole evening in my cousins’ house and I must say the storm brought a good ‘thing’ for us. My parents, aunt, and my sister also went in our cousins’ house and joined us in playing scrabble. It was fun! I was not bored and I had fun! Hehehe… We often had a quality time to bond like that. Thanks to Milenyo! *lol

September 23, 2006

'Bobo' din ba ako?

Ako: “Ate pwede ba pong makihugas ng kamay?”

Ale 1: “Sige punta ka banda doon.”

Ale 2: “Maghuhugas ba kamo? Dito ka na lang maghugas.”

Ako: “Sige po.” Sabay punta sa pangalawang ale.

Ale 2: “Sandali lang ha hindi ko kasi matanggal ko ‘tong hose.”

Ako: “Sige po.” Intay ng ilang minuto..

Ale 2: “Kaw nga ang magtanggal. Hindi ko matanggal eh.”

Ako: “Ganun… Sige po.”

Pwesto sa harap ng gripo tapos pinilit kong ikutin yung bakal sa hose. Makaraan ng ilang minuto…

Ako: “Ate wala ba kayong yung pangikot dito. Hindi ko kaya masyadong mahigpit yung pagkaka-kabit.”

Ale 2: “Anong hindi mo kaya?! Kaya mo yan noh!”

Ako: “Hala si ate demanding!” pabulong sinabi sa sarili habang pilit na tinatanggal ang hose.

Ale 2: “Alis nga! Ako na nga!”

Ale 1: “Ano nakapaghugas ka na ng kamay?”

Sasagot pa lang ako kasi ako naman ang tinatanong diba ng biglang…

Ale 2: “Hindi pa. Hindi nya kasi kayang tanggalin ito.” *medyo paggalit pa ang pagkakasabi.

Ale 1: “Ako na nga. Alis!”

Sabay lapit sa gripo at sabay hila ng hose…

Ale 1: “Ayan mag-hugas ka na.”

Ale 2: “Yun lang yon? Ano ba yan ang 'bobo' naming!!! Hahahahaha!”

Ale 1: “Anong ang “bobo” nyo? Ikaw lang!”

Ako: “Salamat po!”

Habang naglalakad pauwi naitanong ko sa sarili ko, ‘bobo’ din ba ako?

September 12, 2006

I Survived Mt. Maculot

Finally, naakyat ko na din ang bundok Maculot. Nagsimula naming akyatin ang bundok mga bandang 12 midnight at nakarating kami malapit sa ‘campsite’ ng 1:30. Not bad for a beginner! Mahirap pero masaya lalo na kapag sumikat na ang araw at nakita mo kung gaano kaganda ang mga nilikha ng Diyos. Worth it lahat ng pagod kapag nakarating ka na sa taas. As in worth it! The experience is priceless. Thanks Cruise sa pagsama sa bundok and sa photos! I appreciate it bro! God bless!

September 07, 2006

Term Break For Only 10 days?!

Good news: Yesterday was officially the last school day for our 1st term! Hooray!
Bad news: Our term break only lasts for 10 days! 10 days including the class cards distribution tomorrow and our enrollment for the second term next Thursday. *sigh

Playing Generals with Cha in the cafeteria

Mr. Toti Casino reviewing our papers.

We got 4.0!!! Thank you God!

The time our defense ended. Pretty late huh?

See those tired eyes?

September 01, 2006

Gomab Sup Ni Da (Thank You)

A simple act of kindness can give you back a hundred folds of blessings. Yesterday morning I was on a hurry. Every Tuesdays and Thursdays, my class starts @ 8 in the morning. I woke up 5:45 just to print our final papers but when I checked my mail there was no mail from my classmate. So I called her and guess what, she just woke up! She forgot to finish our papers. So there we were, finalizing and editing our papers. I leaved our house 8:10 and arrived 8:30 in school. I skipped my breakfast! Tsk! Tsk! Anyways, as I was on my way to my class, Sean Lee (my Korean classmate) appeared from nowhere. He asked me if he could join our group. Since he seems nice and we understand that his having a hard time mingling with us (vice versa *lol), we let him join our group. After we passed the paper he invited us to eat. Hehehehe… What a blessing! I skipped my breakfast and around 9 in the morning… I was just having my FREE breakfast in Pancake House, Magallanes!

Go ahead! Indulge you eyes.

Pancake House, Magallanes

Gomab Sup Ni Da Sean!