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December 31, 2006

A Blessed New Year To Everyone!

Have a Blessed Year ahead everyone! Have a great time with your love ones! Don't forget to thank Him for all the blessings and trials for this year. Enjoy!

Shot from last year's World Pyro Olympic.

December 11, 2006

Our First Philippine Idol

Philippines we have our very own first Philippine Idol. It was a very close fight. Gian was consistent being a total performer from the beginning of the competition. Jan, who I thought will be the first Philippine Idol, evolved as the competition progresses. He nailed the competitions last Saturday night. Mau redeemed herself on her 3rd song. If she didn't work her 'magic' on the third song, Gian or Jan could have been the first Philippine Idol. But she did. If you have watched her 3rd performance your might get a 'goose bumps'. The orchestra, choir, and even camera became one with Mau as she works her magic on that stage. That makes her performance stunning. That makes her the first Philippine Idol. *sigh... Makasali nga sa Philippine Idol... *lol

December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me And To My Blog

To all the people who know me, thank you! Thank you for helping me color up my life for the past eighteen years. The past year was kinda ‘tough’ for me but with your simple encouragement it just makes me go on and continue my journey. I really appreciate it! To all the readers of my blog, thank you! Thank you for still reading my blog. I hope I can still inspire you guys in some ways. THANK YOU!