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July 29, 2006

Naturally Dumb?

Starting next week start nanaman ng aming ‘sleepless nights’. We just had our midterms exam last 2 weeks and as early as now we’re working for our finals. Major subject kasi yun so I guess we have work hard on it. Anyways, what’s the connection of title sa sinabi ko in my first sentence? Here’s the chance to share what happened to me.

Am I dumb or being dumb is natural for me? Define muna natin yung word na dumb… According to Webster’s online dictionary, dumb is:

1. Stupid

2. marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting

3. given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

4. lacking intelligence or reason

ouch! Hindi naman ata ako ganun… Read carefully, I’ll tell the whole story.

It was I think our 3rd stay in my classmate’s house kasi nga we’re working on a project. When we arrived at their house, I felt hungry so I decided to buy some foods. Eh sumama pa yung mga classmates ko ( 4 kami sa grupo ) so pumunta kami sa Puregold Paranaque (kasi sa paranaque yung house ng classmate ko).

So I brought my wallet and phones. Left pocket goes for my wallet and right pocket goes for my phones. We decided to walk kasi gabi naman nun. So we walked until we reached Puregold Paranaque. They bought midnight snacks at ako naman decided to buy ‘shawarma’. Paglabas namin ng puregold, we decided to take a tricycle. Eh bawal pala ang 4 persons sa isang tricycle so we took two tricycles.

On our way to my classmate’s house, I was enjoying eating the shawarma. Tagal ko na kasing hindi nakatikim nun. So bumaba na kami ng tricycle and then magbabayad. I was going to get my wallet pero I remember may coins pala ako sa pocket ng long sleeves ko. So dun ako kumuha ng pera.

Around 8 in the evening, I decided to take a bath so we could start on our project. Syempre you have to take off your clothes and gamit. Dukot ng pera sa bulsa and labas ng phones. Pagdating sa left pocket wala akong nakapa! Wah! I lost my wallet!!!

So I went out sa bathroom and tried not to show to them na may nawawala sa akin. Kasi kilala ako sa laging may nawawala!

So I checked by bag, the sofa, the table, lahat! Lahat ng dinaanan ko at inupuan. Until my classmates noticed na parang may problem. And then they asked, “Ano nawawala?”

Wah! Sabi ko nawawala wallet ko! At first pa-easy easy lang sila baka kasi andyan lang pero mga after 5 minutes of searching kinabahan na din sila. It can’t be! My one week allowance was there and my atm! And permits, tuition’s receipts, and pictures! Wah!

We figured out it’s either I left it inside the puregold or in the tricycle. So we search for the manong tricycle pero he was not there. The other drivers were asking kung how much ba yung laman ng wallet ko and then my classmate whispered, “Wag ka magbigay ng amount kasi baka hindi na nila isaoli.”

I dunno what to do?! I prayed and I even speak in tongues! Pass 9 na nun so my classmate decided to go to puregold to check baka andun. After leaving me there, a few minutes later a man from afar was staring at me and slowly approaching me.

Wah! When I looked to his hands, hawak nya wallet ko! Wah! Praise God! He was checking kung ako ba daw yung nasa picture. I was so relieved that moment. I gave manong a big hug and a little money. I was so thankful and decided not to have a wallet.

Now that we’re about to stay in my classmate’s house for a few days, I don’t have to worry kasi I have no wallet na. I left my valuable things inside my cabinet and I bring small amounts of money. Hehehe

I’ve learned my lesson pero no matter how hard I try to not to lose things, hindi ko magawa. I guess it’s an illness that needs to be cured.

Bye-bye wallet!

July 23, 2006

APC (Youth on Fire) - General Assembly

Finally I got a chance to update my blog. It was our midterm’s week last week so the pressure and sleepless nights were on.

Anyways, despite of our hectic schedules, we thank God because the general assembly for Youth on Fire, which was held yesterday (Saturday), was a success. A lot of 1st year students and even 2nd to 3rd year students who signed up last org fare were there. We ate, we played games, we met new friends, and we had fun. Truly, if it is for God, everything will go well.

YOF APC together with YOF from taft.

Marla, Marvin, and Nina on the regristration table.

Bat may nakangiti?! seryoso nga daw eh... :)

After the event, we went to VCF Festival to attend their youth service. We were too early for the service so we decided to go around the mall and we end up riding the roller coaster. Hehehehe… and then we went back to VCF church.

Riding the coaster with Sybil, Marla, and Mao.

Waitin' for the engine to start. Picture, picture muna

YOF Service in Festival Mall, Alabang

Wah! Bakit pag iba may hawak ng cam ko blurred palagi ang kuha?..